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“Texas right to work state policies have Texans living below the poverty line. What this means for Texas future, it means our top challenges will be education, healthcare, water and electric utility capacity, transportation needs, pay equity, economic stimulation, and immigration”. My plan is as follows:


I will represent a strong platform for restoring cuts in public education funding. I visit new methodologies of funding public education. I would look at eliminating the standardized testing process. I look at allowing more local control of public education.
Texas K-12 #43, College Readiness #33 spending per K-12 student declined by an average of $143 per students. Texas ranks 36th nationwide in classroom spending, $2,555 less per student than the national average which spends approx.  $12,572. Texas saw classroom enrollment rose about 80,000 children over the past two years, meanwhile, 20 percent of the teachers walked away from the profession. Over the past 8 years, the legislature cut $5.4 billion from school finance prompting several major lawsuits.
"The reality is many teachers don't feel engaged or listened to when it comes to policy decisions that affect their classrooms." As an educator in my fifth year of the profession, I see this often. I believe the SBOE should bring teachers into the conversation and allow them to collaborate on key ideas, and offer up information early on before policies are written. This process improves the likelihood that the policy will be well-designed, well-received and well-implemented in the classroom. Furthermore, it actually allows the SBOE to know the immediate needs of the school districts and its teachers. More teachers would be willing to accept new challenges and new growth opportunities when they are a part of the conversation.
When elected Governor, my role will be to ensure that the children and families of Texas have the same opportunity to be successful as to those students in private learning institutions. I'm committed to prioritizing the needs of students, I will start by closing corporate loopholes that allow corporation not to pay educational taxes, note we will still offer other tax incentives. I will advocate for equity in property taxes to prevent public school districts from paying more than their share of the educational process. As Governor it is my role to advocate for and promote SBOE policies that help Texas children thrive and succeed. As an educator, I understand the importance of developing learning standards that set high expectations for all kids, I am committed to ensuring that we as a state develops rigorous learning standards that are aligned with college and workforce readiness expectations. Educators and their principals play important roles in securing the success of students. Research show educators are the most important contributing factor in building societies, thus we must find ways to fairly invest in and compensate our educators. When I become the next Governor of Texas this will be my expectation of the role of the SBOE.



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