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By electing me the first African American Governor of Texas and only the fourth African American Governor in America’s history, truly places someone who has faced the daily struggles and oppositions that many poor black, brown, whites, and middle class have faced in this state and country. I will govern diligently and use my office to push legislation that ends inequalities but present equities to African American, Latino, and White communities as well as other neglected communities that are often neglected by career politicians and their wealthy donors. Gov. Gregg Abbott has failed us as a Governor.
I will push legislation to restore equity in education by restoring funding cuts, reduce the amount of funding put into private schools, charter schools, vouchers, and in the Governor Science Research Fund. I will legislate to have all schools receiving state funds to be rated equally. I will the standardized testing format and allow local control of education, invest in more STEM, Votech and Ptech certification programs to encourage that none college-bound students to prepare for careers, and will ensure HBCU’s are adequately funded.  , restore health care programs design to help aid those who are less fortunate than others by expanding Medicaid, I will seek to obtain the $100+ Billion before 2020 when those funds are no longer available, which can allow more people to have access to CHIP, WIC, as well as provide support to an eight week maternity leave for the working parent. I will use my office to bring about change to implement a state-wide livable wage of $13.50-15.00 an hour. I will legislate for equal work equal pay rights. I will direct Texas EDC and EDT to provide a much larger percentage of state micro-grants and contracts to go toward vendors of Minority and Women Businesses Enterprises so they may have access to business capital. I will work to help find funding for the revitalizing aging communities and supporting rural areas through newer technologies such as universal Wi-Fi.
As a former Mayor, Police Chief, School Board Trustee, and EDC Board of Director and many other community Boards and Commissions has made me battle tested in the importance of diversity in governance, education, and the workforce within our state and country. Communities have been more acceptance to my presentation of new ideologies, community programs, and they have embraced me more often than none because I have been on the ground long before my run for governor fighting for those things that matters to them. My public service leadership record of providing and fighting for people and their community’s tower above the other candidates of the Democratic gubernatorial field. These are a few reasons why I believe African Americans, Latino’s, Women, Veterans, of the poor and middle class will examine their votes because Experience Do Matter.”


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